Phillips Burgess Government Relations is a full-service lobbying firm. Our clients are businesses that recognize the value of engagement with the legislative and administrative branches of state government in a proactive, rather than reactive, manner. We advise and execute along the entire spectrum of political engagement. In addition, we maintain a balanced portfolio, seeking out clients in a variety of issue areas. This allows us to maintain working relationships with legislators and government officials on a wide range of matters important to their constituents. 

Our primary focus is working with the state legislature and state administrative agencies, but our full-service approach includes managing Government Affairs needs at the city and county level, when appropriate. In specific, our services include:

Direct Advocacy

Our lobbyists can act as your voice in the legislative process. We engage in direct contact with members of the Washington State Legislature and policy-making officials in the executive branch. We recruit sponsors for legislation, make recommendations on legislation, attend legislative hearings, and assist clients in drafting legislation or amendments. Our firm principal possesses extensive experience appearing before legislative committees; however, we often find it more effective for clients to provide expert witnesses to testify before such committees. In these instances, we work with clients on identification and preparation of appropriate witnesses.

Legislative Monitoring

Extend the reach of your organization directly into the Washington State Capitol by having eyes and ears on the ground on a daily basis. We keep close tabs on legislative activities and advise if action should be taken. We provide all our clients with basic monitoring service, which includes review of all legislation introduced in the state and any rulemaking activity initiated in relevant governmental agencies, as well as prioritization and tracking of these proposals and the deadlines for providing stakeholder input. In addition to subscriber services, Phillips Burgess Government Relations will survey key contacts for additional information on high-impact client issues. We provide periodic legislative reports during the legislative session and additional reports as may be needed while the legislature is in recess.

Political Intelligence

The clients we represent need to know more than what is reported in the public media. Reliable, real-time analysis of government actions can be crucial to making informed business decisions. Like it or not, government impacts each of us every day. In the business world, government decisions can have far-reaching implications. We are on-the-ground professionals who quickly can analyze developing policy initiatives and provide thorough and accurate details. Our political intelligence service means clients benefit from real-time, unvarnished updates on matters impacting their businesses. 

Strategic Advocacy Planning

No two clients are alike. Each merits a tailored plan that takes into account specific goals, challenges, and timelines. Starting with a solid, agreed-upon plan is critical to the success of any lobbying or public affairs effort. Phillips Burgess’ first step with every new client is to analyze the specifics of the client’s situation with a focus on the desired outcome. We review strengths and weaknesses, conduct a political inventory, and assess arguments likely to be most effective. In addition, our strategic plans include both scheduled and time-sensitive advice and insight into the personalities and communication styles of policymakers who are influential on key issues.

Regional Influence

Your organization's needs aren't always confined to just one jurisdiction or even one branch of government. With over 40 years of direct experience in local, state, regional and national policymaking, our team has the unmatched ability to effectively advocate for your interests at all levels of government. Whether you need assistance at city hall, the county courthouse, or the Governor’s office, we’ve got you covered.

Campaign Savvy

When it comes to the business of government relations, informed political and campaign calculations are a necessary part of the equation.
Our partners have meaningful campaign experience working on targeted races at the local, legislative, statewide and congressional levels throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We can help you strategically use your limited campaign contributions in the most effective way.